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Brb, turning down free trips to ~anywhere in the world~ because I would rather stay home and go to work than spend alone time with my mother.


Villa Vals

Architects CMA and SeARCH were focusing on the question if it would be possible to conceal a house in an Alpine slope while still exploiting the wonderful views and allowing light to enter the building when planing the Villa Vals. They decided to build a central patio into the steep incline to create a large facade with considerable potential for window openings. The viewing angle from the building is slightly inclined, giving a dramatic view of the beautiful mountains on the opposite side of the narrow valley.

All images © Iwan Baan

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just watch bojack horseman


When you hit the blunt before you go on the air… 

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But I do wonder, as a third-wave feminist, if its even possible for women to reclaim their sexuality in this deeply entrenched patriarchal society, or if claiming to do so is just a lie we tell ourselves so we can more comfortably cater to the male gaze.

Bojack Horseman doing the adult cartoon thing without completely relying on offensive jokes and droppin some bombs of realness  (via peeling-wallpaper)


Pink Toes ft. Jhene Aiko | Childish Gambino

Jhene’s angelic verse is worth the wait

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