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NAME: Minnie
DOB: 16 novembre
GENDER: Female
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FOOD: There’s a fruit in the home country that is very #rare. It’s literally called stinkin foot, it’s brown, shaped like a foot, and smells like a stinky foot. You have to open it with a hammer. It is not my favorite food but i thought that was a cooler story than telling you that I like to eat raw salmon.

MOVIE: Crazy Stupid Love is cute and funny.  But honestly? Accepted is the only movie in the world. I’ve been obsessed since I was a kid and justin long is a cool protagonist in anything. Speaking of, I want to watch Tusk really bad.
TV SHOWS: Seinfeld. I DVR episodes of it and watch them all. Do you even know how many networks have Seinfeld syndication rights?  At least two.
BAND: Does Das Racist count? I still fuck with their first two tapes.
PLACE: My bed. I do everything here. Also the ocean.
SCHOOL SUBJECT: law, marketing, communications.
ACTOR: Justin Long, Kevin Spacey, Chris D’elia.
ACTRESS: Mena Suvari, Amy P, Tina Fey

SIBS: 1 sister
DREAM JOB: Ya girl has been thinking about law school, but I don’t see myself as a lawyer. My dream job would be just getting every degree possible, probably teaching too. Also owning my own PR agency would be cool. brb writing self-fiction about what that would be like. Or Olivia Pope.
FEAR: failure, bugs and shit, the skeleton war.
PIERCINGS: two on each earlobe, one on my nose, futurely i will have a vertical labret and nobody can stop me.
LANGUAGES: English, and I can tell you to fuck off, and to shove it up your ass in french. I know how to read and write korean but my vocab is strictly food-related. 


reason behind my url: i was fucking tried of people knowing how to find me on tumblr.
# of blogs: I HAVE A LOT OF BLOGS. they’re all #exclusive and #rare

shouts to thediaryofaagirl for tagging me.


No fact checker for this blurb that says I was with SNL in the 1970s.  They got me confused with Garrett Morris or Chevy.


No fact checker for this blurb that says I was with SNL in the 1970s. They got me confused with Garrett Morris or Chevy.


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hahaha this is so fucking ridiculous. Apparently new/adjunct professors can’t use blackboard, or see their rosters, and students can’t see their class schedules so brb nobody’s going to class today?

My account worked for a minute so I know where to go though.

Sympathies to all the students in the mandatory C-average curve classes that usually go hard from day 1. 


"what music are you into?"
"i like this! it’s very grown up…"

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this show is amazing

this scene was great

I wrote a few pages last night but the most important bit wasn’t saved and my computer shut off.


He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette. “I can only truly love my dead best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.

from Mallory Ortberg’s hilarious “Male Novelist Jokes.” (via 2cc48a)

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